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Scalp micro pigmentation was originally designed for men but over the past few years knowledge and techniques have expanded. This has enabled scalp micropigmentation to also be performed on women. Hair loss for women can be caused by many different things like medications, female pattern baldness, medical conditions, alopecia, stress, diet deficiencies and hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy or menopause.

Although women can suffer from full baldness it is more common for women to have low hair density. This where the hair begins to thin making the scalp more visible. Low density for women is dealt with the same way low density for men is dealt with. Replicated hair follicles are implanted into the scalp filling in the thinning areas and making the hair look thicker and the scalp a lot less noticeable.

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Fill Thinning Areas

A lot of women treat their hair like it is their identity, with the average woman spending around $55,000 in a lifetime on hair products and treatments. The thought of losing that identity can be very distressing and we want to help in any way we can. The only effective and permanent solution is scalp micropigmentation treatment. Whatever the root cause of your hair loss is, scalp micro-pigmentation can guarantee results. Scalp micropigmentation creates a denser look and hides the hair loss for our female clients.


Scalp micropigmentation, is a non-surgical, world-class treatment with maximum success rate. Our professionals ensures careful and detailed deposition of thousands of micro dots of pigment, to make your hair look denser. All our treatment processes are confined in a private, supportive, and welcoming setting.

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