Pain tolerance is different from client to client but most people can tolerate it without the need of topical anesthetics. Generally clients report the feeling to be very tolerable and not as bad as they expected.

Redness and swelling can occur the day of the procedure but most clients will be able to return to work and their daily routine the next day with minor restrictions.

When done correctly by a trained professional this service should be nearly undetectable. Most people report that no one ever questions if they had work done. The assumption is usually that the client decided to cut their hair lower.

We advise our clients to expect anywhere from 2-4 sessions. In order to achieve the most realistic look we build upon each session with more density. This also gives our clients the power to control their look. For example if you want your hairline lower than what you initially asked for we can do that on the second or third session.

Due to the volume of clients we have it may take 2-3 weeks until you can begin your first session. Each additional session will be 10 days apart or whenever you are available to come back in..

Of course! This service is a collaborative effort between the technician and client. We will offer our professional advice on what hairline would look good on you but ultimately the choice is yours!

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